...No more paper or scantron forms...

MDTIMESTUDY web based software is designed to provide a simple, user friendly system for physician reporting of Activities and Time, as required by CMS.

MDTIMESTUDY integrates seamlessly between Physicians, Administrators, and Finance allowing for:

  • Increased compliance, efficiency, and timeliness of data
  • Effective control and management of survey process
  • Hospital Reimbursement staff to easily manage survey data for the preparation of the Medicare Cost Report A-8.2

Application Features Include :

  • Easy Setup and be operational in minutes
  • Customized Activities List and Rules
  • Event driven email Alerts and Reminders
  • Access from any computer, tablet or mobile device via the internet
  • Direct Survey access and quick submission from email via secure link
  • Electronic Physician Acceptance and Submission Attestations
  • Comprehensive Dashboard screens
  • Flexible Reporting and Exporting of Data
  • Integrated communication features for bulk email notifications
  • Selectable department administrator survey completion option
  • Maintenance Tool, Customizable Message Board, and Audit Trail Tracking